Doggy Blues: Getting Help for Dog Depression and Other IssuesDoggy Blues: Getting Help for Dog Depression and Other Issues

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Doggy Blues: Getting Help for Dog Depression and Other Issues

Welcome to my blog. My name is Ashley, and I love my dog Shelly more than anything in the world. I have had her for years, and I have helped her through a range of illnesses and emotional issues. After her brother, Yeats, died, Shelly became rather despondent. I didn't call the vet right away because I didn't realize the vet could help, but after a while, Shelly's mood didn't improve. I just didn't know what to do, so I called the vet. She was amazing. She explained that Shelly had depression, and she prescribed meds for it. Now Shelly and I are happier than ever, and to help others, I decided to start this blog about doggy emotional and physical health. I hope you enjoy it.

3 Ways to Stop Your Dog From Getting a Sore Throat

Does your dog seem to suffer from persistent sore throats? Issues like coughing, appetite loss, difficulty eating and swallowing, and excessive drooling can all be signs of throat soreness in canines, but what can you do to prevent it? As there are many health problems that can cause a sore throat, there are multiple ways to prevent the issue from recurring. Before trying the three tips below, remember that it's a good idea to take your dog to see a vet if he has a sore throat to ensure the problem is treated before it gets more serious. Read More 

Preparing Your Home For Your Dog After Its Surgery

Dogs are known to be man's best friend, and because of this bond, you want to make sure you do everything in your power to keep your pet comfortable and happy. Because your dog is booked in with the vet to have surgery to remove a small cancer, it is important you know about changes to make at home to aid in their recovery. Dogs left to move about without restraint after surgery risk the chance of breaking open stitches or using the energy they need for recovery. Read More 

Itchy Bunny? It Could Be Fleas

Fleas. Nasty little blood-suckers that can make you itch and feel uncomfortable, not to mention how disgusting they are. But for humans, lacking fur, at least there's no worry about them infesting and living on you. Not so for most pets. There's a lot of awareness about fleas in cats and dogs, plus countless products on the market to prevent and get rid of infestations and leave the animal clean and healthy. Read More 

2 Additional Products Which Will Help to Keep Your Dog Healthy

If you own a dog, it is likely that you realise that it will need good nutritious food, plenty of exercise and regular checkups with a qualified vet. However, there are also some additional products you should invest in which will help you to keep your pet dog in good health. A pet scale If you feed your dog the right type of food in the right sized portions and ensure they get plenty of exercise, you may not see the point of weighing your dog at home. Read More