Doggy Blues: Getting Help for Dog Depression and Other IssuesDoggy Blues: Getting Help for Dog Depression and Other Issues

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Doggy Blues: Getting Help for Dog Depression and Other Issues

Welcome to my blog. My name is Ashley, and I love my dog Shelly more than anything in the world. I have had her for years, and I have helped her through a range of illnesses and emotional issues. After her brother, Yeats, died, Shelly became rather despondent. I didn't call the vet right away because I didn't realize the vet could help, but after a while, Shelly's mood didn't improve. I just didn't know what to do, so I called the vet. She was amazing. She explained that Shelly had depression, and she prescribed meds for it. Now Shelly and I are happier than ever, and to help others, I decided to start this blog about doggy emotional and physical health. I hope you enjoy it.

Choking - Emergency First Aid Tips For Puppy Owners

Puppies are notoriously playful and curious.  They're into everything, and this can lead to incidents of choking.  Choking is frightening for puppies and distressing for owners, and if left untreated, it can be fatal.  If you think your puppy is choking, you should call your emergency vet immediately.  In the meantime, here are some expert first aid tips that you can carry out yourself.   Symptoms of choking Choking happens when the puppy's airway is obstructed and it cannot breathe properly. Read More 

Gum Disease In Cats: Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatment Options

Cats develop gum disease when there's a build-up of bacteria in their mouth. Bacteria combine with food debris to form plaque, which sticks to the gum line and damages tooth enamel. Your cat's white blood cells recognise plaque as a foreign invader and launch an attack on it, which creates inflammation around the affected teeth. This inflammation can damage delicate gum tissue and lead to dental abscesses when the gum line recedes and bacteria infect your cat's soft tooth pulp and roots. Read More 

Marek’s Disease In Chickens - A Preventable Poultry Problem

If you're new to keeping chickens, you may not have heard of Marek's disease.  Marek's disease is one of the most serious seen in backyard-kept chickens and it is usually fatal.  But what causes the condition and what can you do to keep your precious chooks safe? What is Marek's disease? Marek's disease is a highly contagious condition caused by a strain of the herpes virus. The disease spreads in several ways including: Read More 

5 Reasons Every Cat Should be Vaccinated Against Feline Infectious Enteritis

If your cat or kitten has yet to be vaccinated against feline infectious enteritis, you need to make sure they receive the immunisation as quickly as possible. This is a serious virus that causes significant inflammation along the intestinal tract, and it can attack suddenly. Here are five reasons why your feline needs to be protected. 1. No Cure Exists and Treatment is Expensive No cure exists against feline infectious enteritis – it is a condition that needs to be combated through prevention rather than treatment, and the infection carries a very high mortality rate. Read More 

Residential Plants That Are Toxic To Pets

Pets can be a great source of companionship. However, some homeowners, despite wanting the best for their furry friends, are unaware that they harbor dangers toxins in their home. These are in the form of residential plants that may be aesthetically appealing, but pose serious health risks to these animals. If you own a home garden or a yard, it is prudent to know which plants would be toxic to your pets so as to avoid emergency veterinary visits. Read More