Doggy Blues: Getting Help for Dog Depression and Other IssuesDoggy Blues: Getting Help for Dog Depression and Other Issues

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Doggy Blues: Getting Help for Dog Depression and Other Issues

Welcome to my blog. My name is Ashley, and I love my dog Shelly more than anything in the world. I have had her for years, and I have helped her through a range of illnesses and emotional issues. After her brother, Yeats, died, Shelly became rather despondent. I didn't call the vet right away because I didn't realize the vet could help, but after a while, Shelly's mood didn't improve. I just didn't know what to do, so I called the vet. She was amazing. She explained that Shelly had depression, and she prescribed meds for it. Now Shelly and I are happier than ever, and to help others, I decided to start this blog about doggy emotional and physical health. I hope you enjoy it.

Cat Care: Epilepsy Explained

Cats can develop epilepsy at any point in their life, and as it's a neurological condition, it can be distressing for your cat to experience the seizures associated with epilepsy. It's not always possible to determine why a cat develops epilepsy, but known triggers include trauma, infection, exposure to toxins and the presence of a tumour. Symptoms Of Epilepsy Most people have an understanding of what an epileptic seizure looks like, but there are additional symptoms associated with epilepsy that tend to show up just before a seizure begins. Read More 

5 Health Complications Associated with Overweight Cats

While cats often like to spend time exploring or batting around their favourite toy, they tend to spend most of their time relaxing. As such, it might not seem like a big deal if they start to put on a little weight. However, an overweight cat will be at added risk of several health issues that can decrease their quality of life and potentially shorten their life. As such, it's important to see your vet so they can help you put together a diet and exercise plan that will help your feline friend get back in shape. Read More