Doggy Blues: Getting Help for Dog Depression and Other IssuesDoggy Blues: Getting Help for Dog Depression and Other Issues

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Doggy Blues: Getting Help for Dog Depression and Other Issues

Welcome to my blog. My name is Ashley, and I love my dog Shelly more than anything in the world. I have had her for years, and I have helped her through a range of illnesses and emotional issues. After her brother, Yeats, died, Shelly became rather despondent. I didn't call the vet right away because I didn't realize the vet could help, but after a while, Shelly's mood didn't improve. I just didn't know what to do, so I called the vet. She was amazing. She explained that Shelly had depression, and she prescribed meds for it. Now Shelly and I are happier than ever, and to help others, I decided to start this blog about doggy emotional and physical health. I hope you enjoy it.

Reasons Why Laser Surgery Is a Great Option for Your Pet

When your pet has to undergo vet surgery, it can be stressful for both your animal as well as yourself. But considering that there is a myriad of ailments that your pet can develop in the course of their lifetime, it is likely that they will have to go in for at least one surgical procedure. Conventional surgical procedures can be highly invasive. Thus, your pet is bound to be in a lot of pain during their recovery period. Not to mention that you have to take meticulous care of your pet so that they do not develop any infections or accidentally disrupt their sutures. 

Fortunately, traditional surgery is not the only option available for your pet. If you are willing to pay a little extra, you could opt for laser vet surgery. Check out the following list of two reasons why laser surgery is an excellent option for your pet.

Laser vet surgery is astoundingly versatile

One of the most significant advantages of electing to have laser surgery for your pet is the versatility that this procedure offers. Laser surgery, to begin with, can be performed on animals of all shapes and sizes. So whether you have a regular pet such as a dog or an exotic animal such as a snake, the vet will be able to heal your animal through laser surgery.

The second reason why laser surgery is exceptionally versatile is the ability to employ this technique for an array of health issues. From dermatological problems to the removal of tumours and cysts, laser surgery is a top medical alternative for your furry loved one.

Laser vet surgery entails minimal bleeding

Traditional surgery can be messy. Whether it is cutting into the flesh or accidentally nipping an artery, there can be a considerable amount of blood involved. As a result, your pet could be at risk of excessive bleeding, which can be fatal. With laser surgery, your pet will not be exposed to these risks. When the laser is cutting through your pet's tissue, it simultaneously cauterises the blood vessels that it comes into contact with. Hence, there is a reduced rate of blood flow.

Low amounts of blood during the surgical procedure is not exclusively beneficial for your pet. When there is less bleeding, the surgeon also gets a better view of what they are doing, which translates into accurate surgical procedures. Furthermore, with laser vet surgery, the procedure is much shorter as compared to the time it takes to carry out a conventional operation.